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Tammy 2 years ago
Oh I would love to catch my husband with her ..he would never stop.. these kind of women are why our men don't want to touch us anymore..
Andy and Adele Swift 5 years ago
love ur glowing ham, Adele!
Andy and Adele Swift 5 years ago
Adele, your ham is delicious, what a body! Adele, I want to smell your bum before we have sex and smell the poo in your asshole. Then I want to get my dick deep inside ya and fuck you pregnant.
me to you 10 years ago
Her name is Adele Sunshine (Czech porn star)
4 years ago
What is the song playing in the background? Anyone know?
Porn Comment Ettiquette 10 years ago
Dear Uploader,
I love this piece of art, the way she dances is amazing. I would love to have a go with her, would you give me her mobile phone number? Thanks in advance.
Xxc 2 years ago
Une salope pareil je la viole sans scrupule