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JennyLxx 7 years ago
Lucie Theodorova. Watching her fuck THREE black guys in one of her pornos was absolutely incredible.
JennL777 8 years ago
I was really surprised when Lucie went into hardcore pornos.. Just saw her get boned by a big fat guy, Torbe. Gross, but kinda funny. 3 blackies poking her was hot as hell though. She escorts. Look it up!!!
GGGtrue 9 years ago
Penthouse Pet Lucie Theodorova. Took on three [email protected] in Gangland Creampie 13
seuiiov 9 years ago
Lucie Theodorova - the black mans fuck-doll! Glad she ended up in pornos
NeoNeo 1 year ago
Stunning with just the right amount of curves in the best places. Who knew a woman can be 'curvy' while not carrying extra weight.
LucieRules5 8 years ago
This chick will fuck anyone. She is awesome. Even fat dudes and old men get to take a ride.
harry1009 8 years ago
She is so unbelievably pretty! I adore her. One of my favorite Penthouse Pets ever.